(Piper nigrum L.)

Fr.  poivre (noir, blanc, vert) 
Ge.  Pfeffer (schwarzer, weisser, grüner)
NL.  peper (zwart, wit, groen)
Sp.  pimienta (negra, blanca, verde) 
It.  pepe (nero, bianco, verde)
Ind.  merica (hitam, putih, hijau)

Main exporting countries in origin (harvest period)
India (Malabar), Indonesia (Lampong, Banka), Malaysia (Serawak), Vietnam, Brazil, Ecuador, China (mainly white).

Trade varieties
MG1, TGEB, TGSEB, VGSEB, Muntok FAQ, Muntok double washed, Muntok HPS, Lampong, ASTA, Brasil Grade 1, Yellow label, Blue label (white), Brown label, Vietnam white a.o.

Container quantity
20'fcl. abt. 13-15 mt depending on quality and variety
40'fcl. abt. 25 mt

Pepper, the king of spices, originates from many countries and is traded in even more varieties and qualities. If you require further information we encourage you to contact the offices of AVS Spice.

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