(Myristica fragrans Houtt.)

Fr.  macis, fleur de muscade 
Ge.  Muskatblüte, Macis
NL.  foelie
Sp.  macia 
It.  macis
Ind.  sekar pala, fuli

Main exporting countries in origin (harvest period)
Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Grenada 

Trade varieties
Siauw Ambon whole, Siauw Ambon broken II, Papua mace broken II, Papua mace whole, Westindian nr1 & nr2

Container quantity
20'fcl. 8 mt (whole)
20'fcl. 10 mt (broken)

Mace should be bought at reliable suppliers only. Mace can be mixed with so called 'wild mace' which is inferior. If you require further information we encourage you to contact the offices of AVS Spice.

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