(Allium sativum L.)

Fr.  ail 
Ge.  Knoblauch
NL.  knoflook
Sp.  ajo 
It.  aglio
Ind.  bawang putih, kesuna

Main exporting countries in origin (harvest period)
China, USA, Spain  

Trade varieties
HM639 (powder), H89G1-5 (granules), flakes, premium USA, export grade USA, economy grade USA

Container quantity
20'fcl. abt. 17 mt (Chinese powder and granules)
20'fcl. abt. 9 mt (Chinese flakes)

Where Chinese varieties are known for their high pungency, American varieties outstand in whiteness and low microbiological specifications. If you require further information we encourage you to contact the offices of AVS Spice.

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