(Syzyium aromaticum L.)

Fr.  clou de girofle 
Ge.  Nelke, Gewürznelke
NL.  kruidnagel
Sp.  clavo 
It.  chiodo di garofano
Ind.  céngké, cengkeh

Main exporting countries in origin (harvest period)
Madagascar, Zanzibar, Comores, Indonesia, Sri Lanka

Trade varieties
CG3 (Madagascar, Zanzibar, Comores), Indonesian cloves, HPS, clove stems

Container quantity
20'fcl. abt. 10 mt
40'fcl. abt. 20 mt

The flavour of the clove is in the bud. Stems are sometimes sold seperately and used for admixture to produce cheaper varieties of ground cloves. If you require further information we encourage you to contact the offices of AVS Spice.

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