(Cinnamomum cassia Blume)

Fr.  canella de padang 
Ge.  Padang-Zimt, Indonesischen Zimt
NL.  cassia
Sp.  casia 
It.  cassia
Ind.  kayu manis padang, ki amis

Main exporting countries in origin (Harvest period)
Indonesia, Vietnam, China

Trade varieties
Korintji A broken & cleaned (KA b/c), Korintji B broken & cleaned (KB b/c), Korintji A sticks, Padang vera A sticks, Padang vera AA sticks & cuttings, Vietnamese Cassia, China Lignea 

Container quantity
20'fcl. abt. 10 mt 
40'fcl. abt. 20 mt

In a lot of countries cassia is sold as cinnamon. The difference between Indonesian cinnamon (cassia) and different types like Chinese and Vietnamese cassia is not that easy to distinguish for a layman. If you require further information we encourage you to contact the offices of AVS Spice.

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