Added Value

Our mission is adding value to your supply chain

AVS Spice is your objective and independent extension in countries of origin. But there is more value to be added.

More and more spice industries are looking for processed products. Modern industries want added value material in stead of the traditional raw materials. By working with processors in countries of origin directly production can be done on a tailor-made basis. Cleaning, cracking, grinding, sterilizing, packing, labeling all according to the parameters that fit your specific requirements.

Another main advantage of working with origin processors directly enables a full tracking and tracing of your raw material. Furthermore AVS Spice was the first spice brokerage house to recognize the importance of sustainability for the future of the spice industry, becoming the first intermediate to support the ISSCF.

For added value sourcing AVS Spice can be your partner in spices, herbs, seeds and dehydrated vegetables; please do not hesitate to contact us.

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