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Until the mid eighties of the last century spice industries worldwide used to purchase their raw materials at local traders. Rapid concentration at end-user level, an increasing demand for quality controlled goods and supply under strict product specification caused a huge shake-out at the spice industries worldwide. AVS Spice was the first and only brokerage house to anticipate on this changing market. Spice brokers used to deal between traders only, we started working for the global spice industries. Due to this change in approach, AVS Spice grew to be the by far the biggest spice broker in Europe and became a main factor in the spice business worldwide.

Nowadays, the leading spice industries worldwide process the kind of amounts that enables them to buy in origin directly. Modern spice industries want to buy in origin. When supplying to end-users they cannot afford not to know where their raw materials originate from (trace-ability). Next to this, margins are that tight that purchasers in the industry must be absolutely sure they buy the right quality at the right time and of course at the right price; added value sourcing is of paramount importance.

The combined volumes we buy for our customers in origin enable us to deal at the best price in the market. Regular market updates, information about crops and quality available, but also the hands-on approach are considered to be of paramount importance by the modern purchaser. It does not end with a contract, it just begins with that; document handling, shipment notices and preventing problems are standard to us.

AVS Spice is your professional partner in the spice business, whether it concerns spices, herbs, seeds or dehydrated vegetables.
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